Three vintage porn films are woven together into an aural/visual fabric where bodies morph into others and fragment into sound as the already eroticized visual is transformed, creating a new visceral experience.

Colt rearticulates the frisson of pornographic sexual exchanges, generating a caustic tactile convulsion that questions the confines of the body and its representation. Erdmann interlaces, or "weaves," as she describes, numerous porn films from the early 80s into a spastic installation. The fuckers sport cultural signifiers – plaid shirts, uniforms, weathered cut-offs – though quickly shucked, these articles convey the performative masculinity that these physical figures embody. Their eventual consumations come off like meaty rituals, almost tragicomic in the guileless, brutal thrusts of phallic bodies.

- Dirty Looks NYC

Karl Blossfeldt — Urformen Der Kunst