TRT: 11 minutes

One of the last untouched rainforests in the world, the rainforest of the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia is both a fact and a phantom. The Preak Piphot river and surrounding rainforest are home to many globally endangered species, it is considered one of the last true and most important wilderness areas in South East Asia. Currently, most of the world’s rainforests are in danger by encroaching corporate endeavors, population growth, pollution, logging, and poaching. The literal and metaphoric diversity preserved therein critically threatened.

Quartet For the End of Time is composed of 1700 photographs taken while in the jungles of the Cardamom Mountains. Images continually shift as the viewer moves through a landscape both real and imagined. This landscape evokes varied and sometimes conflicted notions of wilderness – violence, beauty, disorientation, perpetual shift, transcendence and the sublime. The piece unfolds visually as a Rorschach test, interlacing an interior, embodied space with a moving and uncontrollable landscape.